Privacy Policy


We may update our privacy policy from time to time according to the changes in our data usage and processing. We suggest you visit this page regularly to stay up-to-date on any changes.

You can contact us at [email protected] for further information.

Your Consent

If you log on to our website,, as a past, current or future client or a visitor, you hereby give your consent to our privacy policy.

What Is Privacy Policy?

Our privacy policy elaborates on how (also referred to as: Milius Group, we, our and us) collects the data of the users of the website and uses, shares, or holds it. We recommend that you read this document carefully to understand our privacy and data-sharing policy.

Personally, Identifiable Information (PII)

The PII or personally identifiable information is the information that can be used to track down the identity of any individual, organisation or business that it is related to. This information may include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Any other relevant information

Why and How Do We Collect Your Personal Information?

Your personal information may be needed to process your request, such as providing a cost quotation, resolving any conflicts or contacting you. The collected information is removed systematically after a specific time or when it becomes obsolete.

We only collect the necessary information that is needed to contact our current, past or prospective clients with their consent. This may include the following:

  • Cookie Information
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Email

How Is Your Personal Information Used?

There are multiple processes that require your personal information in order to ensure smooth website functioning. However, the data is collected and used with the complete consent of our clients, as per law, and is processed within our legal obligations. The data collected can be used for the following processes:

  • To provide services to our clients.
  • To make contact with our users.
  • To keep accurate records as per law.

Our Data Sharing Policy

Milius Group may use third-party assistance to ensure the smooth flow of our website, improve our services, and analyse our website. These third-party service providers are trusted sources and may need to analyse your information on our behalf. However, the usage of your data will be carried out only when necessary and as per our privacy policy and data protection laws. They may use your data for the following purposes:

  • Maintenance services
  • Web analytics
  • Database management
  • Data storage

Moreover, your data may also be disclosed to other relevant professionals, institutions or organisations in certain situations. These may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Auditors, legal advisors, accountants.
  • Business partners and joint ventures.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Courts or their specified individuals.
  • Police or any other regulatory authorities.

Our Obligations to the Data Protection Principles

According to the Data Protection Act 2018, we are obliged to:

  1. Use your data for explicit and specified purposes.
  2. Ensure to maintain transparency and fairness while using your data.
  3. Use your data for relevant purposes or as per legal requirements.
  4. Not retain your personal information for a period longer than necessary.
  5. Ensure the safety of your data and handle it responsibly.

Our Data Retention Policy

Unless otherwise needed, our policy for personal data retention follows the following protocol:

  1. As long as we have business needs and have to manage our relationship.
  2. As long as we are providing our services to you.
  3. As long as data retention is allowed in the Data Protection Act 2018.

What Data We Store in Our Servers?

The following information about every visitor is saved in our server logs:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) Address
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • The Visited URL
  • Browser and Operating System Type
  • Time and Date of the Visit

Our Cookie Policy

Our cookie policy can be read in detail here.