Cookie Policy

1.  About This Document

This document describes how we ( utilise technologies such as cookies to collect certain information about the use of our website and improve individual user experience on our website through this information.

This cookie policy is in conjunction with our Privacy Policy.

2.  What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file saved in your primary or secondary memory that allows websites to provide you with customised responses. However, cookies do not store Personal Identifiable Information and request your permission to be saved in your device’s secondary memory.

Cookies enable the website to monitor your activity, including your preferred pages, bounce time, email address, IP address, etc.; nevertheless, they do not allow us to access your computer or personal information, except that you choose to share with us.

3.  Why Do We Use Cookies?

Here is why we (Milius Group) use the cookies:

  • To set your chosen language preference.
  • To remember your personalised settings.
  • To authenticate your identity.
  • To prevent fraud.
  • To auto-fill information in forms.
  • To help us improve the user experience on our website.

4.  What Kind of Cookies Do We Use?

Our website ( uses the following cookies:

i.  Rc::a

Purpose: Used to track and analyse user behaviour to distinguish humans from bots or automated software.


Service: reCAPTCHA

Country: United Kingdom

Type: html_local_storage

Expires in: Persistent

ii.  elfsight_viewed_recently

Purpose: Tracking recently viewed items/products/pages on the website. Used for analytics or enhancing user experience.


Service: Website widgets or analytics related to user engagement or browsing behaviour.

Country: United States

Type: http_cookie

Expires in: Less than 1 minute

iii.  wpEmojiSettingsSupports

Purpose: Managing or enabling support for emojis on the website, likely related to emoji display settings or functionality.


Service: WordPress website functionality or customisation related to emojis or emoticons.

Country: Singapore

Type: html_session_storage

Expires in: Session

iv.  elementor

Purpose: Storing user-specific information to maintain the state of the user’s interface preferences and configurations while using the Elementor plugin. Includes settings, design preferences, or configurations.


Service: Customisation and optimisation of the website’s design and layout through the Elementor page builder.

Country: Singapore

Type: html_local_storage

Expires in: Persistent

v.  fslightbox-scrollbar-width

Purpose: Storing the user’s preferred or adjusted scrollbar width settings specifically for the fslightbox plugin. Related to scrollbar appearance or functionality within the lightbox plugin.


Service: Customisation and optimisation of the fslightbox plugin’s display and interaction features.

Country: Singapore

Type: html_local_storage

Expires in: Persistent

5.  How Can You Control the Cookies?

You own the right to whether or not to accept the cookies. Our consent manager allows you to choose your cookie settings for our website. However, the essential cookies cannot be turned off because they are required for the functioning of the website.

Furthermore, if you want to refuse cookies through your web browsers, the procedure may vary for different browsers. However, you can follow these links to control your cookie settings for your browser:

  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Opera

6.  Changes in Cookie Policy

We may update our cookie policy from time to time in accordance with the changes that we make to our website. We will notify you of those changes through this policy document or wherever we are required by the law.

For further information, you can contact us at [email protected].