Office Refurbishment & Fit-Out

A well-designed, curated office space boosts creativity and productivity and impacts company culture, shaping your business’s image. Office refurbishment and fit-outs are crucial. They transform the dynamism of your workspace and enhance the work experience. Milius Group, with a team of expert designers and engineers, has been providing office refurbishment and fit-outs since 1993. Our designers create exceptional designs that will perfectly depict your brand and company culture. Contact us today and get a step closer to transforming your office.

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Office Refurbishment Fit-Out

Refurbish Your Office with Us

We are proudly offering complete refurbishment and fit-out service for offices and commercial spaces:


Our team begins by grasping the requirements of our client and their business. They work side by side with our clients during the planning phase to understand the distinct project needs and design an effective solution.


The next step is to turn the concepts into practical designs. Our designers use the latest technology tools and software to put forward an intricate office exterior and interior design for your commercial space. They incorporate every detail into the design to provide a close-to-real final look at the project.

Refurbishment and Fit-Out

Finally, it is time to execute the refurbishment and fit-out. Our team houses experienced professionals who have polished their skills through years of experience. They can carry out the commercial fit of any scale and complexity.

Commercial Fit-Out Categories

Commercial fit-out is divided into two categories, i.e.:

Cat-A Fit-Out

It is a basic commercial fit-out category that involves some electrical and mechanical works with the installation of false ceilings and raised floors. Any other service may also be included on demand.

Cat-B Fit-Out

Cat-B fit-out involves a thorough re-design of the office interior and exterior, including infrastructure and electrical and mechanical installations.

Why Choose Milius Group?

  • Highly experienced company with over thirty years of experience.
  • Hundreds of successfully completed commercial projects.
  • A team of highly qualified architects, engineers and interior designers.
  • Top-of-the-line work quality to comply with industry standards and regulations.

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