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Building a new home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most; we go above and beyond to create a perfect house that suits our needs. However, the sheer magnitude of the project can be overwhelming if trustworthy contractors are not sought. Milius Group has an experience of over thirty years in the construction industry and has completed numerous projects of residential new builds over the course of its service, stringently committing to the highest safety standards and the latest equipment and techolongy.   

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Salient Features of Our New Build Houses

  • Modern Bathrooms
  • High-Quality Insulation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Customisability
  • More Plug Sockets
  • Modern Kitchen
  • Built to the Latest Standards
  • More Effective Room Design
  • Outdoor Spaces

What Do We Offer?

An Intricate Design

Our architects are highly experienced professionals with a perfect skill set, creating unique, innovative designs that meet all the latest standards and your needs.

A Meticulous Construction

Our engineers strictly adhere to all the quality standards and regulations to maintain the highest level of workmanship.

A Bespoke Interior

Our interior designers possess the artistry and creativity required to fill colours in your house and provide a bespoke and seamless finish.

Why Should You Hire Milius Group?

We Are Experienced

Milius Group has been in business for the past thirty years. We have elevated the standard bar through our uncompromising commitment to quality and professionalism.

Our Services Are Versatile

Milius Group provides a complete range of services required for a construction project. This includes architectural, structural and interior design and construction.

We Have an Expert Team

Our team comprises highly experienced and certified professionals from all related realms. This includes engineers, architects, interior designers and masons.

We Follow the Regulations

We have a rigorous policy to ensure the health and safety of everyone onsite, along with the at-par work quality. Our team ensures complete and unshaken compliance with all the regulations.

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Take advantage of over thirty years of our bright legacy in the construction industry to shape your dream house into a reality. Contact the experts at Milius Group and take a step towards building a modern and well-decorated home for your family.

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