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From a small home flowing with upscale features to a custom-designed and built mansion, luxury comes in every shape and size. An estate that guarantees comfort, a luxury home is a perfect combination of technology and tradition that provides an elite living experience. However, handling such a complex project requires a highly experienced and skilled hand. Milius Group has a rich legacy of hundreds of accomplished projects. Having gained extensive industry experience and a robust skillset, we are your go-to company for your luxury home. Discuss your project with our expert engineers and architects today, and let’s begin your journey to a lavish lifestyle.

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Sprinkle Some Innovation into Your Luxury Home

A luxury home contains numerous up-level features, from premium countertops to a swimming pool and EV charging station. You can integrate these features into your house as per your needs and available space.

  1. Saltwater Pools
  2. Massage Rooms
  3. Cold Plunge Pools
  4. Wine Cellars
  5. Energy-Efficient Fireplaces
  6. Water Purification Systems
  7. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows
  8. Well-Kept Gardens
  9. Cork Spray
  10. Electric Car Charging Stations

What Services Do We Offer?

Architectural Design

Our architects create intricate designs employing both modern and traditional trends as per your needs, carving out a perfect blend that translates your vision into a practical dream home.

Structural Design

Our structural engineers preserve all the architectural features while creating a structurally safe and sound building out of architectural plans.

Interior and Exterior Design

Our in-house team of designers produce results that incorporate up-to-date trends and materials, setting elite standards as a precedent. 


Our engineers carry out all the construction work by adhering to the highest work quality and all building regulations, keeping a close watch on the entire process to ensure a smooth workflow.

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Milius Group has been in business for thirty years and is ranked among the top luxury estate builders in the UK. You can contact our services through our website, a phone call or an email to hire our services.

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