Historic Restoration

Restoring an old building is a work of precision requiring agility. With a highly diverse experience of over three decades, Milius Group provides one-of-a-kind historic restoration services in the UK. With a team of highly experienced tradesmen to restore historic buildings back to their charm and grace, we use modern, cutting-edge equipment and techniques that ensure authenticity in our work.

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Historic Restoration

What Is Old Building Restoration?

Restoration entails reviving the original period and looks of a building. At Milius Group, we recreate the structure, features and interior and exterior design elements as close to the original as possible. We aim to ensure:

  • The integrity of materials is maintained.
  • The true character of the building is restored.
  • Code compliance.

How Do We Carry It Out?

Milius Group is a highly prestigious company with a vast experience in the field. We utilise an impeccably optimised and intricate approach to every restoration job.

We Research

Our experts conduct thorough research on the building through historical references and conversations with people to ascertain the materials used and the special treatment it may require.

We Survey

Our team will reach the building to carry out a detailed survey of its structural and architectural conditions. They will also investigate the kind of restoration work your building needs.

We Devise a Strategy

Once we have collected the required information, our team will devise the most feasible strategy to execute the job. We take the unique approach it requires, select the latest tools and techniques, and procure materials needed to bring authenticity to the job.

We Execute

Finally, our teams will get to work, ensuring compliance with rules and regulations. They make sure to produce a meticulous result of the restoration project.

Why Choose Milius Group?

  • Over thirty years of experience providing exceptional old house restorations.
  • Numerous successfully completed restoration projects over the years.
  • Cutting-edge tools and techniques with a highly experienced in-house team.
  • Ranked among the top historic restoration contractors in the UK.

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